I'm always tired

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other fun movie ideas:

  • disabled characters played by disabled actors

Wanna tell my boss to fuck off





Somewhere lost unable to clearly see the path your walking down yet it hardly matters because cars never pass where you live now. There’s a hole in your shoe so there’s a constant discomfort with snow seeping through. With such ivory skin the only way to decipher your body is through your jacket. Almost at shelter you find a bird on the ground, motionless and yellow with a broken leg. You carry the frail exterior until you make it to your house. You gather the flowers you were planning on giving to your girlfriend and spread the petals over the fairway you created and settle on the porch. That’s where I’d like to find you now.

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The shirt who has that fucking shirt

it’s was at the rock n roll hall of fame museum but it was just an exhibit, Courtney Love has the right to probably all of it 

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throwback to when I went to Seattle. 

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St. Mark’s Place

New York, NY